Monday, May 23, 2011

Free Stuff!

So today you should go over to Mouse's blog and check out her giveaway of canvas favor bags.  I would have LOVED these to stuff with Jordan Almonds for our guests to take at the end of the night - and sure the giveaway is "only" for 50, but:

1.) YOU DON'T NEED AS MANY FAVORS AS YOU DO PEOPLE.  Here's the secret the favor companies don't want you to know - many of your guests who are couples will take one favor between them.  Many will forget to take their favors.  Many will not want a favor, and will just walk past the favor table.  So have a table with favors, have only half as many as you do guests, and then bam, no leftover favors.  If you run out, instead of blaming you for not having enough favors, your guests will blame your other guests who clearly took too many favors.  But seriously, we had like, 75ish favors for 155 people and had plenty of leftover Jordan Almonds.  (The Lindor Truffles were a higher-ticket item, and people did take multiples of those, but they only take one bag of stuff.  Also I ate a bunch as we were prepping for the wedding.  Wedding prep tip: buy snack food!)

2.) You can totally use these to hold cute deliciousness for your OOT bags, since you probably don't need to make more than 50.

3.) You get a 20% discount on any more bags, so you can score twice as many favor bags for cheep!  I seriously wish we had had these instead of those lame ones you buy at Michaels.

I think that I would fill these with pretzel M&M's, as they are delicious, and the favor bag masks the fact that OMGTHEYAREN'TINOURWEDDINGCOLORS.

So GO! Enter! Win!

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  1. Thanks so much for the heads up! I'm also hosting my first giveaway this week so feel free to stop by and enter!! On my way over to Mouse's blog!