Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Honeymoon

Did I ever properly talk about our honeymoon?  Probably not, because I find honeymoon posts to be a bit tedious sometimes, unless I'm interested in going to the place.  So this week, I'm going to talk about it a bit.  Today, some highlights.  Later, reasons why you should take a honeymoon.  Later than that, a few travel tips.

So we went to San Francisco and San Diego.  We stayed in Fisherman's Wharf.  I don't recommend staying there.  None of the restaurants opened early enough for breakfast for jetlagged travelers; and nothing stayed late enough open for people that wanted to find food at 9pm.  Other than that, it's a nice area.
They have boats.  
And hills.  
And sourdough bread.  (We did happy hour at Boudin.  It was excellent.  And their museum is great.)
We saw redwoods, so I was happy.  They are TALL.

Then we went to San Diego.  We had great weather in SF and crummy weather in San Diego.  Usually it's the other way around, but we got to go to the zoo, so it's all good.  Our hotel in San Diego was reader-recommended and in the Little Italy area.  The hotel was fantastic, so thank you; with a daily proper breakfast; and a shuttle to the zoo.
The zoo was awesome. 

We took the ferry to Coronado.  

I took way more pictures than this (800+ in fact), and we had a great time.  I wish we had more time, but a week was at least enough to relax after the wedding and really enjoy ourselves.  


  1. Yay! I'm glad you got to Golden Gate Park. It is so pretty there.

    Sorry SoCal was so gloomy. That was literally the wettest October we've had in my lifetime. Bad timing :(.

  2. We're going to San Fran and Napa for our honeymoon in June! Your pictures are gorgeous. I can't wait to go. It seems like a great location for a non-beach but still relaxing vacation.

  3. I'm so excited for the honeymoon posts!

    We wanted to West Coast, but decided that will be another time.