Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The other day, for some reason, my boss and I were talking about engagement rings.  I said I would never be "upgrading" my ring (he was saying they had just upgraded his wife's; he wasn't implying that I should upgrade mine), and pulled it off to show him.  When I put it back on, he asked why I wear my wedding band on the outside. 
 I really miss that manicure.  Even if it did take an hour to soak off.

I wear my ring on the outside for three reasons.  The first is that my engagement ring is too big.  My engagement ring is a 5, and my wedding band is a 4.5.  The wedding band keeps the engagement ring from falling off (and my ring-tightener already came off, unfortunately, although the rings are much more flush without it.) 

The second is that my engagement ring is really wide.  Here is it without the wedding band:
By Prema Photographic.
If I have the wedding band behind my engagement ring, it pushes my engagement ring uncomfortably close to my knuckle.  

The third is that wearing the wedding band on the outside has always felt right to me.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's because you get the engagement ring first, then the wedding band, maybe it's because my mom wears her engagement ring on the outside, maybe it's because my engagement ring cost 9x what my wedding band did and if anything gets lost, it had better be the wedding band.  I know technically you are "supposed" to wear it on the inside, but I definitely see other unconventional women rocking their bands on the outside.  I have concluded there is no "wrong" way to sport your wedding jewelery, including not wearing it at all (which I am not, right now.  I forget mine frequently.  Since it's too big, I don't wear it when I work out, so I forget it after the gym.) 

How do you wear your rings? Do you have multiple rings? Do you wear just a band or just an engagement ring?  Or are you rockin' the Wills and not wearing a ring at all?


  1. I definitely agree that there's no wrong way to wear it, but I plan (and who knows if this will change when I actually have either one of them) to wear my engagement ring on the outside, just because I heard once that you're never supposed to take off your wedding band, and while that's totally implausible, I like the idea behind it.

    My mother wears hers on two separate hands, because her wedding band is braided yellow, rose and white gold, and her engagement ring is all white gold, and they're both sort of big and intricate and would take away from each other.

  2. A. Your nails look amazing. I assume from the three hour soak those were fake nails? I am more and more considering getting those since my aunt demonstrated how she can't break her skin with them. I can't let my fingernails grow past tiny, ugly stubs without making my eczema much worse, but I'd love to have "grown up nails" for my wedding day at least.

    B. I like that you are deviating from convention because you've got good reasons to. I will probably wear my band on the inside, but on our wedding day I absolutely refuse to wear my engagement ring on the wrong hand, so the band will go on the outside during our ceremony. My wedding band also has diamonds in it, which is a no-no for jews. But I'm also getting married on a Saturday before sundown, and not by a rabbi, so all told having stones in my band is not what is keeping our wedding from being properly Jewish.

  3. I'm boring. Band on the inside, ring on the outside.

  4. I went traditional with my wedding band on the inside & engagement ring on the outside. But I know plenty of people who do the opposite for various reasons. Whatever works!

    P.S. I love your engagement ring!!!

  5. Wow. You must have been reading my mind because I have been working up a "ring post" in my head. Still might do it... we'll see.

    I'm so with you on this. I personally liked the wedding band on the outside and M actually felt the same way as you about if one is going to be lost, it better be the far less expensive one.

    At our wedding rehearsal I had my e-ring on and actually had our minister downright tell me I had to take it off at the ceremony because the band had to be "closer to the heart". I should have told him some choice words instead of being so sheepish about my feelings. "Closer to the heart" or "seals the deal", does your ring position really change your marriage or love? No. Most Europeans wear it on the other hand. Many cultures have different norms and people need to be more accepting of that and not so black and white.

    Right now I am not even wearing my e-ring, but am contemplating moving it to the right hand entirely.

  6. I stopped wearing my engagement ring after getting married. My e-ring was $20 and was too big for me, so it went in a box, and I just wear my wedding ring. I'm realizing what your mom does definitely has an mom didn't have any kind of engagement ring, so I've only seen her with just the wedding ring. I love it...stacking rings seems uncomfortable to me. But I think your pair work well together and that it looks great with the band on top.

  7. I wear my wedding band on my hand and my engagement ring around neck on the chain my mother gave me to wear at our wedding. I would wear both but my e-ring is titanium and marks the rose gold of my wedding band. I think necessity wins in this case!

  8. My engagement ring is a little too big too so I will wear my wedding band on the inside, then the engagement ring and then I am getting a third ring for the outside to hold everything on tight. I may not wear them all at the same time or only wear the third when the weather is cold and my fingers shrink. I don't want to lose any of them!

  9. My band will be on the inside of my engagement rings, just because I have to take off the engagement rings to put on gloves when I'm working. I got the band because I like keeping one.