Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Albums, Part 2

Once you decide to get an album, you have to decide what pictures go in it.  Um.  Our wedding pictures are phenomenal.  How could we possibly choose?

Since I'm unemployed, I took on the difficult task of narrowing down pictures.  I managed to get it down to 150, and then from there, to 114.  I was aiming to get under 100, because the design fees from A La Carte are charged by number of images.  My parent's wedding album is something like 6 pictures, by the way, so I think I should be able to tell the story of our day in 100 images or less.

The biggest question I had about cutting pictures was this: do I want this album to be for us, or for our children/grandchildren?  If it's for us, then I cram it full of pictures of our friends and pictures that are slightly fuzzy around the edges but show how much fun we had.  I include all the pictures of me cracking up.  So that someday, when life is difficult and the children are screaming about how we won't let them have a car and our parents are in and out of hospitals, we can look through the album and think, "All those things we hoped and promised and dreamed? I meant it all, every word."

I don't think I'll ever be able to look at this picture without thinking, "how lucky am I?"

If I want the album for posterity, for our children to look through and laugh at the funny fashions and marvel at how young we looked, how much Mark looks like our own son, how my hair used to be any color but gray, how much the world has changed since we got married.  How the more things change, the more things stay the same.  There are your grandmothers, doing the same reading from Ruth, that your grandparents did at their wedding.  My parents have a tiny wedding album, my mom lost her mother before I was born, and whenever I look at their wedding pictures, I want more pictures of them, of their parents, of my aunts and uncles.  I couldn't care less what their cake or tables looked like.
For the family, fewer kissing shots, more pictures of people that we know will still be in our lives in 50 years.
There is, of course, a balance here.  I cut a few of the shots of me cracking up, there are fewer pictures of friends playing with the photobooth props than I might have picked anyway, and the album focuses a lot more on Mark and I than I would have originally have decided.  But I didn't pick a lot of our posed portraits from the woods - instead, I went for the reception pictures.

Did anybody else face these issues when they sat down to pick their album pictures?  What did you end up deciding?


  1. We did two different albums; one for our parents and one for us (okay, we haven't done ours yet, but that's a minor detail).

    Ours is going to be a bit bigger and include all of the photos we love, all of the photos of our friends having a great time, and some moments that I want to remember (there's a great photo of my in my bra that I didn't care for our parents to have, but I wanted to look back on years and years later). In theirs we wanted to include the big moments but also the people/family that they recognized. Theirs also has fewer photos, and some of the photos are smaller than will be in our album.

    We thought of it more as theirs being mementos of the occasion and ours being more for posterity.

  2. I'm in the same boat as you! We're having SUCH a difficult time narrowing down our awesome photos & choosing for our wedding album. Sometimes it seems impossible! Good luck~

  3. Yeah. Not that I can afford an album right now, but I want to narrow down the photos and have it ready to go when J gets a job again. But, um... we have 850 photos and I love most of them. It's a real problem.

    And I'll be cutting most of our posed portraits too. Maybe one? they just don't have the emotional resonance or story that they rest do.