Thursday, June 2, 2011

Albums, Part I

We haven't gotten a "real" album yet.  Why not?  Simply put, they are expensive; we were tired.  We have the money left from our budget to afford a nice album, so the question is: how much do we want to spend, and what company do we want to use?

See above, exhausted.  I don't want to do more research.  I don't want to design the album myself.  If I'm going to spend $400 on a flush mount album, but have to design it myself, I will agonize over it obsessively.  So, we're going pro.  I found through A Practical Wedding, and I fell in love with their selection.  Nothing that I had seen on Picaboo or any of the other companies that do flush mount albums had featured as many options for flush mount albums.  Nobody had the amazing brocade covers - and I love love love pretty fabric.  (See: wedding dress.)

I've narrowed our options down to two choices - the Flush Mount, or the Bordered Magazine Style.  Mark wants an album that feels substantial and impressive.  He really likes the look of the flush mount, but we both have trouble with the idea of spending that much money on an album.  Yes, our photographer was a steal. We get it.  We should be willing to spend the $1000 on an album.  But seriously, raise your hand if you think spending more than a month's rent is a wise thing for an unemployed person to do.

There are a lot of people who say that you should get an album so that your kids/grandkids can look through them, because they won't want to look at DVDs.  I get that.  But assembling an album for our children and grandchildren to look through is as easy as buying an archival quality album, getting good prints done, and putting pictures in an album.  I'm sorry, but it really doesn't have to be the flush mount goodness that we all swoon over.  And they say that the flush mount albums will last forever, but I have seen no proof of this and neither have the people that design them.

We could get a photobook done and call that our album, but I'm unwilling to do that.  If it's going to be our album, it's going to be an album. It's going to have heavy pages and a weighty feel to it, the way a photo album does when it's weighted down with pictures.  So the question is, do we go with the bordered magazine style, do we do the flush mount, or do we scrap it all and get prints done and put them in a fancy photo-album, the way my parents did and their parents did before that?


  1. I made photo books for our parents last christmas and have just finalized the design of our album with our photographers. It wasn't in our package, but I wanted to have a professional album so I wouldn't have to do it myself and so I could have those gutterless spreads that flush mount albums have. I also am looking forward to having a book around that I (and guests, and my kids and grandkids) can look through. My computer is really damn slow and those photo DVDs take forever!

    I'm not entirely sure why I decided to spend several hundred dollars on an album from my photographers (who have been great at letting me edit and pick photos and the cover and all that). We got the cheapest option (hence no pretty fabric on the cover or anything), and I paid for it months ago when I had the money around so I wouldn't feel the pinch later. I'll let you know how I like it when it gets to me!

    As for flush vs magazine, i think that's just a matter of preference. flush lets you get the photos printed larger, which is nice, but magazine helps avoid fingerprints. Getting a fancy photo album could be a good option too, except it might be hard to find a style you like, and getting all the prints and hunting down a nice album could turn into a hassle... but then again, i have a terrible track record of finishing my hard-copy scrapbooks in any sort of reasonable time frame, so it could just be me :)

  2. Our super affordable photographer included an album in her package. I believe it was the magazine type album. We decided to get the flush mount album so we paid the difference and it was well worth it. We love our album and our talented photographer took care of all the page designs. We worked together at editing and organizing the layouts, but we really did not change much since she did such as awesome job. I am glad we went with the flush mount. I think it turned out really well. Not having a gutter is an awesome thing and it was only a couple hundred more than the standard album in her package.

  3. Ive heard that albums are super expensive..the photo book is a good way to go but you are right, its not a true photo album.