Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Marriage Matters: Giant Metal Chickens

My cousin shared this story on Facebook over the weekend and I thought it was pretty funny, at least too funny to not share.  Go read.

My first reaction, was of course, to wonder what it must be like to have enough money that you can waste $100 on a practical joke.  My second was, oh man, I've had that fight over towels/something else I thought needed replacing and my frugal husband didn't.  I don't think even if we had the money, I would get a giant metal chicken, but I might get something else and say, "at least it isn't towels."

But anyway, my cousin shared this on Facebook and her wall erupted with comments over whether the husband is abusive and threatening, whether the couple has a good relationship or not, on where one can get a giant chicken, and I thought I would share here, because I can't help but wonder how much of this argument is accurately retold and how much is sensationalized for the internet.  Either way, I'm not so sure it's such a good idea - but maybe I'm wrong.  Other thoughts?


  1. I read this and I loved it. It's the kind of thing I would totally do and would make my husband roll his eyes and get totally annoyed. For example, I tried to buy a light up Jesus picture to put in our living room. He just doesn't appreciate my sense of humor. And that chicken is awesome. If I were in the right mood, I'd totally drop $100 on that thing.

  2. I found this high-freaking-larious.

    I doubt I'd drop $100 on it, but MAN, how effing funny. In fact, I'd probably be the Victor in our scenario. Not that himself would buy the chicken, but you know what I'm saying.

    In terms of accurate retelling . . . I dunno, I'm sure some of the stomping and yelling may or may not have happened, but the gist of it is probably similar. Is it a good idea? I dunno, I think most people need to lighten up about the abusive husband comments. I mean, really?!? If they can both laugh about it eventually, I think it's $100 well spent.

  3. I don't get how anyone could think that the husband is being abusive. He didn't do anything mean — it's likely he had a bad day at work and/or is a bit oversensitive about some sort of money issues currently. He was upset that his wife came home with a giant metal chicken. Mr. Beagle would probably be just as upset.

    It's a great story, but yes, it was probably dramatized a bit more than the reality.

  4. That is pretty funny.

    I'm not sure how people think they can tell how functional their relationship is, just based on this story (and I agree - she's probably dramatizing to make it more LOL-worthy).

    If MY partner came home with a $100 metal chicken, I'd be pretty annoyed, especially if we'd already discussed the fact that we couldn't afford new towels. I mean, if it was my partner's personal money, cool, whatever. Or if it was $1.00. But $100? They must have quite a lot extra, for that to seem worth it for a gag gift.

    Maybe people are picking up on the "I'll strangle you" comment? Which depends a lot on how it's said and what kind of teasing is acceptable in their marriage... apparently she's comfortable calling him an asshole, so I'm gonna assume they don't care much either way. That isn't the way B and I speak to each other, but to each his own, I guess.