Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Function over Perfection

Or How I Made A Veil In 10 Minutes.

See this veil?
That is not my wedding veil.  My wedding veil is in NJ, with my sister in law.  This veil was made from the yard and a half I had leftover.  As I quickly cobbled my hair together, I realized that my original plan of it not mattering how bad my hair looked in my bun under my veil wouldn't work if I didn't have a veil.  So I grabbed a hair comb and my hot glue gun and headed down to the sewing room.  
I hastily trimmed the tulle I had into a "U" shape, and then I did a rush cut job on the edges of the veil, hoping they would look as clean as possible, and then sewed a quick stitch across the top, gathered it, and then glued the whole thing on with a hot glue gun.  Then I ironed it, because the fabric has been sitting in a heap on the table for a few months.  
The resulting veil was much longer than my original, and actually a bit narrower, which worked well for this shoot.  It didn't have any beading, so it blew around in the wind, which would have been annoying on our wedding day, but was a lot of fun for the shoot.  

So yeah, if anybody is telling you that you "need" to pay $300 for a veil, don't listen.  


  1. It looks like a very expensive veil..great job its gorgeous!! FYI I am hosting a great giveaway this week!! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Really? It doesn't really show that it was just made by you in 10min. A simple veil can really cost some bucks, good that you were creative enough to make your own.