Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rocking the Dress

Remember how I mentioned that the Baltimore APW group is awesome?  Well, we are.  Amongst the awesome women of the group is Vanessa Bovee, who is a photographer considering launching her own business.  We were talking about helping her build a portfolio, and I asked if maybe we could do a Trash-The-Dress shoot.  Since I've been dying to do one anyway, and also since we didn't do bridal portraits on the day of the wedding, I thought this would be kinda fun.  Nothing actually got trashed, so this is more of a "Rock the Dress" shoot.
I was wrong.  It wasn't "kind of" fun.  It was so totally ridiculously awesome that I would heartily recommend it to anyone.
Recently Becca talked about whether you can capture all the wedding joy in a post-wedding bridal shoot.  No, of course you can't.  But you can still look pretty.
And you get to wear the dress again!  This part was really a lot of fun.  Because I just got to run around and play.  Because on your wedding day, even though everything is wonderful and joyful and glow-y, you're also really stressed out, and you've been smiling a lot, and that shows too.  It shows in tired eyes and half-smile half-sneer expressions.  I had a fair share of those.  
 Also, I got to adopt a more sullen, pout-y look for a lot of the shots, so instead of having to look happy, I could instead look soulful.  Or angry.
More to come this week, and details on how to make a veil in 10 minutes and how to do your hair all fancy-like yourself. And possibly, "how to hike in a wedding dress."


  1. Awesome and looks like so much fun, plus your not as worried about your dress getting all dirty! Wish I cold do this too!!

  2. Sooooo much awesome. I love this! You look amazing.

  3. how to hike in a wedding dress? yes please!

    Also, is there a way to post using an name and email? I don't have a blog URL, but don't want to post anonymously.