Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wedding Inspiration Help: Beth and Joe's Wedding

Last week our friend Beth came to me with a request for help in transitioning her sister's barn for their upcoming wedding.  The barn has unfinished frame walls (not rustic unfinished wood plank barn walls).  And it's a daytime/lunch wedding so they need ideas for how to hide the unfinished wall-ness without draping it in a ton of tulle, or covering it with twinkly lights, since it's a daytime wedding.  So far, we've brainstormed fabric, quilts on the walls or hay bales stacked high (but there are concerns this will make the room feel claustrophobic). What other ideas haven't we thought of? 

I love the look of this colorful draped fabric, which might pull attention away from the walls and make the barn feel taller.
Which brings us to issue 2 - the lighting.  The lighting in the barn is florescent, which is a little harsh for Beth's taste - so what else can they use to light a daytime event?  The only lighting terms I know are "uplights" "spotlights" and "gels" (I did lighting for our talent show in high school).   Is this much twinklyness too much for a daytime wedding? 
(by One Love Photo source

I am loving these wrought-iron chandeliers as a source of lighting - they fit with the barn and since the family owns the barn, they will probably let her hang them.  They could be hung pretty close to the tables. 
Issue # 3 is the theme, which we'll be talking a lot more about in the coming weeks - but I'm only bringing it up today because Mouse is doing an awesome giveaway today for Dandy You events.  I mention this because Beth is talking about having a rustic-festive county fair theme!  What is more perfect for a county fair theme than striped straws and fancy text banners that say things like "Just Married" over the front door of the barn where the newleyweds will enter?  So if you, like Beth and Joe, might be interested in fabulous party trappings for an adorably festive event, go over to Souris Mariage today and enter!

Do you have ideas for Beth and Joe?  Any wall covering or lighting ideas? Any sources for wrought iron chandeliers? 


  1. I vote twinkly lights or Mason/other jar chandeliers over bare bulbs.

    Are the walls unfinished drywall or bare wood? I would suggest either swathes of fabric or glass bits full of flowers.

    I love the circus theme! If you do that, unfinished is perfect. You could separate areas with fabric to mock tent, peanut shells on the floor.

  2. My wedding venue burnt down and by the time our wedding took place it was about 80% done and was also in a barn, so I'm familiar with unfinished walls at a wedding! I would recommend lots of draped fabric, twinkle lights (maybe yellow or ivory instead of bright white so they aren't so BRIGHT..or maybe even something like blue!), and maybe wreaths or other tall greenery. Our venue definitely wasn't perfect but we tried to have enough things going on in at the reception that people didn't pay attention to the walls much.

  3. If the walls aren't great and she likes the idea of hanging things from the ceiling - why not just leave the walls as they are and draw the guests' attention to the ceiling? I LOVE the chandeliers and think that twinkly lights would be fine for the day (we got battery powered ones from Ikea - they were really cheap). How about hanging baskets of flowers from the ceiling?

    As for a theme - how about an English village fete? Coloured bunting, pretty wild flowers, silly games like a coconut shy or hooking rubber ducks...


  4. What about garden trellises (trellisi?)? Just those criss-cross wooden sheets that you can grow roses, etc., on. You can get them fairly inexpensively at feed/supply stores and garage sales, and they might be really pretty with fabric, ribbon, or greenery interwoven, or perhaps hung with engagement/family photos? If you get them without a base (cheaper), they stay up pretty well with a stake nailed to them and then buried in the ground. It might solve the wall issue and match with the barn nicely!