Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Marriage Matters: Celebrations

Those red candles are part of a bridal shower gift that my sister in law got me.  The red ones are for celebrating promotions, and they've been taunting me since September.  

We burned the white candles, then the green ones, the pink ones, and these red ones were just waiting.  Waiting for me to find a job.  When I got a job, finally, I didn't burn the candles, because I thought my part-time job that paid less than a cashier at a grocery store wasn't worthy of burning the red candles. Then I lost my funding, and started looking for another job.  Nothing came, and the red candles just stared at me from the pile.  So finally, when I found a new job, again, a part-time position that pays well enough, but not great, I decided we would burn the candles this time.  Because all progress is a step forward and should be celebrated.  Because anything that I can contribute to our family feels good.  Because we both breathe a little easier when we're not living on one income.  

So not only did we make a fancy dinner and burn the candles, Mark brought me flowers.  He's brought me flowers something like four other times in our relationship, and I really like being surprised with flowers, so it meant a lot that he made the effort to get me them.  Once I get a "real" job, we'll probably go out for a fancy dinner someplace to celebrate for-reals, but for now, the small celebrations of the small victories work pretty well.  

Do you try to celebrate early and often, or are you celebration stingy? 


  1. We celebrate the big & small things. This weekend, we celebrated our 6-month wedding anniversary- a tiny milestone but fun to celebrate. Life is worth celebrating!

  2. We keep forgetting to celebrate the stuff we had intended to. I've had a great bottle of wine in the fridge from South Africa that I was going to drink last summer when I got a job. Got the job, moved, bottle came with, but was never opened. Then I said we'd drink it when we got back from the honeymoon. We're back, but still haven't. We're bad at this apparently.

  3. Lately we are stingy celebrating because we are saving everything for the wedding. I feel we are in desperate need for a date night. BUT I am soo looking forward to two weekends because we are taking an anniversary trip to West Palm Beach to where we got engaged a year ago and will have the whole weekend together!! I am soo looking forward to that! We normally celebrate birthdays, anniversarys and thats about it..or if we get a job promotion or new job.