Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Shot List

I've tackled the shot list before, and now that our wedding is long over, I have some other ideas on the shot list.  For those who think that of course the photographer will take a picture of the bride with the bouquet, etc., I will remind you that we forgot/ran out of time to do any real "portraits" before the wedding and forgot during the actual picture time as well.

One of the comments I got on this post was to make sure I got a shot with my readers, since my friend Amanda didn't.  I read that and thought, "we don't have a reader," so I didn't think any more about it. We didn't have a reader, but we did have two ceremony musicians who I forgot to get a shot with until the very end of the night.  We also had a few people who I would have loved to get pictures with, like my cousin's wife who helped us get ready and was so busy running around and throwing us a wedding that we didn't get a chance to get a picture.

These things you may not be able to get in a shot list; but day-of, don't assume you'll get a shot with the person you are talking to later - grab your photographer (or somebody else with a camera - there will be about 100 of them) then and there and ask them to take a picture.  Make a list of the most important shots, that you'll be sad if you don't have - details, family photo lineups, and the more stylistic things, like getting shots of people dancing, etc., or to take pictures of the guests and not only of you and your new spouse.  Also, it is very very important to realize that your photographer is only one or two people, they will not capture absolutely everything, and if you want a casual, photojournalist style, you won't necessarily get pictures of everything.  (But oh man, the pictures you get will be amazing and they will make your heart sing and all you have to do on a crummy day is just look at them and feel better.)


  1. One thing I don't think I saw anywhere -- or maybe I just skipped all the shot list posts because I thought they were mostly ridiculous -- was to be sure to have your invitation set out on the day for your photographer to take pretty photos of. I totally neglected to do that and didn't even think of it until I got pictures back. It's one of those things that's on every wedding blog and it didn't even occur to me. I gave my photographer a nice-looking set after the fact, but the photos are pretty blah -- would have been nice to have some of the prettier backdrops from my house or the church in those pictures. So, that's my note to future brides -- be sure you give your photographer a set of invites to shoot on the day of while you're getting ready or something! Oh well.

  2. Or you'll have a husband who is a photographer and will assure you that you've hired the best photographers you know and they will get the pictures of the things you want. And then they won't get a good picture of the wedding wish station and photographs of your parents and grandparents on their wedding day and you'll be sad. Sigh.