Friday, July 1, 2011

So exciting!

This weekend is a big weekend for weddings, including our (because she is "ours", no matter that this community doesn't have a name other than the #TBCB hashtag on twitter, which I don't know what it means...) very own Bunny.  
Bunny has been so totally there for me throughout the past...I think it's two years we've gone through this whole planning thing together.  Also, in the morning when I get up and try to put together some kind of stylish-yet-professional outfit, and I can't decide if it goes, I totally post it on twitter and once she tells me she likes it, I know I'm good to go.  Bunny has most certainly had more than her fair share of troubles throughout the planning process and in the past year, but here's hoping their fabulous Chicago wedding is a whole lot of fun for her and Mr. Beagle.  


  1. TBCB = Traveling Brigade of Cyber Bridesmaids. And hell to the yes for Ms Bunny!!!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! Blowing big kisses your way.