Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I don't think I've kept this a secret, but I LOVE stamps.  So I was really psyched when I had to wait in line at the post office the other day and I got to check out the awesome stamps for 2011.  Firstly, did you know that all commemorative stamps issued in 2011 are Forever stamps? So even if you are getting married "someday", you can stock up on them now.  Also, you can buy extra stamps for thank-you notes and other things, and not worry about them going "bad" (we used this method and I love always having stamps in the house. When we only have like, two sheets left, I go buy more Forever stamps.).

My favorites, hands down, are the "LOVE" stamps.  Usually the Love stamp is cheesy, but this one...well, I kinda think it's badass.
(I also think that my black hockey sweatshirt makes me badass, so it's possible my definition is off.)
But really, they are so cool.  I think they are the perfect wedding stamp for a slightly offbeat or outdoorsy wedding, and would have loved to use them.  
Some others?
If you are having a shipboard/waterfront/marina wedding, either of these are a nice choice.
If you are awesome.
For the really traditional.
Perfect for RSVP envelopes, especially if they are colorful.

For those holiday cards which make good use of your engagement or wedding pictures.

Anyone else share my glee for stamps?  What stamps are you using for your wedding?


  1. I LOVE stamps also and funny thing is I was just looking at all of these on Monday when I was in line at the post office!
    I did not see the ornament ones though, love them!

  2. I love stamps. :) It was $1 to mail our envelopes and there was no $1 love stamp so I think we used 2 of the 64 cent or whatever the next step up is on each envelope and then a 44 cent love stamp on the return. We wanted to do the personalized stamps from with our picture, but we didn't get our act together.

    I love those new love stamps and I REALLY love those boat stamps. I know what I'm doing next week...

  3. Horror of horrors, I used the bell Forever stamps. I cringed a little because it kind of looked like a bill. Oh well.

  4. Ooh, I like the new Love stamps. And I love that they're all forever stamps now--about time! We used the wedding cake 64 cent or whatever stamp for our invitations and last year's Love stamp for our RSVP envelopes--it had purple flowers on it, which actually worked pretty well with our red and purple invites. We also used a bunch of those on our thank you cards, but when those ran out we just switched to plain old forever bell stamps.

  5. I love stamps too, I wish I had a stamp collection..someday!

  6. Ooooo I love the ornament ones! Good thing I only ever mail holiday cards! :-)