Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY hair fascinator

So my sister in law got married last week!  Yay! Since my in laws are English, they were all discussing their fascinators the day before the wedding and I remembered I'd forgotten to order one for myself. A quick trip to Michaels and ten minutes with a glue gun yielded me this:

It matched my dress perfectly, and I got, as my British in-laws would say, loads of compliments on it.

I looked for a hair fascinator tutorial, but only found a lot of wedding fascinator tutorials, and I wanted something less ostentatious and without a giant flower.  So for this you need:
-1 hair comb (it happens that I used to wear them, so I still had a bunch lying around, you can get a pack for like $2.99 at CVS)
-1 bag guinea feathers (I was looking for peacock feathers, but I found a big bag of multi-colored guinea feathers and picked those up instead.)  It was about $3 at Michaels.
-hot glue gun

Quick tip: turn the ceiling fan off for this.  Husband came in to find me covered in glue and feathers at one point because they were blowing everywhere.

1.) Lay out your guinea feathers in the order you want them.  I decided I wanted them alternating colors, from largest to smallest, and I needed them to all face the left.  Feathers that curved to the right were discarded.
2.) Heat up your hot glue gun.  If yours has settings, use the "low" setting.  If it does not have settings, be very careful not to burn your fingers.
3.) Add one drop of glue at a time, then add a feather.  I know it sounds dumb to point this out, but hot glue dries really quickly and if you spread glue all the way along the comb, it will be dry before the end.  So glue as you go.  Be sure to add enough glue towards the end, even if you are afraid it is becoming a big sticky mess.
4.) Allow to dry before sticking in your hair.  If any of the feathers are falling out of place, add a bit of hairspray.

And a couple shots of it (and me) in action.
You can't really see the fascinator, but I wanted to make it clear how well it matched my dress.  Yes, I took the lens cap off before I started filming.  

More to come from a fantastically fun wedding.  Big thanks to Mark's cousin Tom for playing paparazzi on this one.  

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