Thursday, August 4, 2011

Door Hangers

Last weekend was a crafting extravaganza with my SIL and my MIL for my SIL's upcoming wedding.  We made favor tags, table numbers, and escort cards, but I threw in a last minute project that my SIL loved.
I was perusing a craft site the week before I went up and saw these door hangers. I realized they were absolutely perfect for my SIL's late-night-dance-party wedding, and decided, WIC style, that she HAD to have them.  Also, since we're all at one hotel, they will help everybody know who else is with the wedding, which I always think is fun.  So I sent her an email, she concurred, and after twenty minutes of Microsoft Word and a printer, we had door hangers.  

The part that made ours really really easy was that we didn't do them double sided.  We did single sided hangers that said "Please do not disturb" on one side, and then just did a stamped pattern on the other side.  To make your own single-sided door hangers, just open MS word, make the paper landscape, add a text box, format your text, and then copy-paste two more times so that you have three doorhangers on the page.  Print them, cut them out, and then cut a circle using either a circle cutter, a 2-inch-punch, or scissors and a steady hand.  

You can find plenty of tutorials or templates for double sided doorhangers over at Weddingbee in the DIY section, and it was a really easy and fun project that I think people will enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my shop! Glad yours turned out cute!