Friday, August 12, 2011

Hand exercises to alleviate Thank You Note cramps.

Robin had a great post yesterday, and in classic How I Met Your Mother style, I took it as a challenge, which I accepted.  So welcome to the first of 10 posts about being a newlywed.  Some of these will be part of Monday Marriage Matters posts, some will not.  So here's today's - Hand Exercises to Alleviate Thank You Note Cramps.  Also applicable for writing addresses on invites or escort cards (but only if you are really stubborn.  Please just type those.)

The biggest recommendation I can make for avoiding cramps is to choose your tools carefully - you want a gelly pen, or a fountain pen - something that writes easily and smoothly.  You also want to set yourself up at a desk or table, and don't slouch.  You must also take frequent breaks, and not try to write all of your thank-you notes at once.

Write your thank-yous with your spouse, and take breaks to massage each others hands.  Hand massage is much more effective when done by another person.  You want to take your thumbs and trace along the tendons from the knuckles towards the wrist.  Rub each finger individually and tug on it a little - you don't have to crack the knuckle, but do give it some relief.

Other exercises that work pretty well are just pressing the fingers against the other hand, and shaking them out.  If you would like, you can get a stressball, or make a loaf of bread - kneading helps relieve some of the cramps.

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  1. Smart. We just wrote ten thank you cards a day, each. Got through them all before the end of the honeymoon, and then never had to think about them again.