Monday, August 1, 2011

In the News

At my in-laws house, we caught a bit on the news about a bridal shop that closed it's doors and left the brides and bridesmaids without their dresses.  We've discussed before that if a wedding vendor goes out of business, it's unlikely you'll get your deposit back (even if you have a legal right to it) and they may leave you high and dry before the wedding.

I don't have much advice on this subject except that the whole "having to order a dress" thing was one of the things I disliked the most about the bridal industry, and a big part of why I bought my dress at Running of the Brides.  There was something comforting about walking out of the store with my dress that day, and knowing it was in the closet at home, and nobody was going to run off with my deposit.

One thing that the news did point out was that if you buy your dress on a credit card, the credit card company may insure the purchase and give you back your money, but if you pay cash or by check, that is less likely.  So that is at least something to consider when you put down your deposit.  Also I was surprised that the store required payment in full for bridesmaids dresses - and I'm not sure if this is standard.  Did anyone else find this to be required?


  1. Last year, a Chicago bridal shop burned down -- with many dresses inside. Almost overnight, people started a GoogleDoc with the specs on their own dresses and offered them up for loan to the brides who had lost theirs.

    I, too, think the whole ordering a dress thing is bunk. I bought a discontinued sample (at a deep discount), hung it in my closet for six months, and then took it somewhere else to be altered.

  2. I had to pay in full for my bridesmaid's dress, but I think we paid in parts for my maid of honor's dress in my wedding. (I only had one MOH and we paid for her dress so she could be in the wedding)

  3. Oh man! That's so horrible.

  4. We had to pay half of my bridesmaid's dresses cost, plus the special order fee (ah, an out-of-season color). The other half was due upon pick-up.