Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Marriage Matters: Lucky

This spring, my husband's job changed a little bit, in that he now travels a lot more than he used to.  Which gives me a little bit of freedom, and a whole lot of lessons in how lousy I am being a grown-up.  When I am on my own, I eat popcorn for dinner, don't take out the garbage, and leave dishes in the sink for days on end.  I remember this kind of behavior from college, when I had roommates who would make a giant pile of my dirty dishes and put a note on it reminding me that I was not raised in a barn. 

I came home from a long weekend at a bachelorette party to find the kitchen clean, the fridge cleared out of gross leftovers, and the laundry done.  My husband is an extremely patient man, and I'm very, very lucky.

Anyone else a disaster when it comes to being a grownup?


  1. Yes! I find that if I get everything clean, I can keep it that way for a day or two...and then it slowly goes downhill. I'm awful at doing the dishes on weeknights, and mail tends to get piled on the table until I feel like dealing with it. Unfortunately, my wife shares the same bad habits, which means we spend far too much of our weekends cleaning instead of having fun. We keep vowing to do more of that stuff on weeknights so that weekends are more pleasant, but it's hard to find the energy to do much of anything other than make dinner when both of us tend to work late.

  2. I'm the worst. I just let loose. I enjoy being on my own a bit, and I am usually a mess! Luckily the husband doesn't leave often!