Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Travel Recommendations

It just now occurred to me to ask for help with our upcoming trip to Wales and England!  You all were so helpful with our honeymoon (and every reader recommended place was delicious!) that I'm hoping some folks might have good recommendations for places to eat or fun things to do.  We are going to Cardiff, cycling the Taff trail up to Talybont Reservoir, and then cycling the canal towpath over to Abergvenny and taking a train back to Cardiff, so any dining/sightseeing recommendations for Cardiff or Abergvenny would be super helpful. 

After Cardiff, we head over to Leeds, where Mark's grandparents live. We probably won't get out much, but I would love to see more of Leeds and maybe do something fun with some of his family, so recommendations for good places to walk, eat, drink, or do other things would be great! 

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