Friday, September 2, 2011

DIY Updos

My SIL had a UK reception last week after her wedding, and I showed up at Mark's grandparent's house to help her get ready.  She and her mom were trying to figure out what to do with her hair, and she'd already put in a cute braid, but her hair is a shade too short to do a properly easy up-do with, so I wound up freehanding it a bit.  This is a pretty easy style for somebody with shoulder length hair and a friend.
I wound up gathering L's hair into a half-ponytail, and then wrapping the strands of loose hair around the ponytail holder and securing them in place with bobby pins.  From there, it was pretty easy to curl the rest of her hair around and secure it at the base of the ponytail holder.  The hair flower helped hide the fact that I had stuck it a little too far to the left, which was handy.  If you are going to DIY your hair, a veil is also a helpful way to hide the mess.  I then super-hair-sprayed it in place, and since English hairspray is really wet, held it in place with a loose ponytail holder until it had dried.  

Anyone have any tips for doing your hair yourself or with a friend?  I think it's good for everybody to have a fancy style that they turn to when they need to look a little bit spiffy.

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