Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Jersey Wedding: Getting Ready

It is surely weird to recap another person's wedding, but I'm going to recap my SIL's nonetheless.  It was so very different from ours, and what struck me as funny is that a lot of people would look at her wedding and call it very traditional or very WIC - church ceremony, big hotel reception - but at the same time, it was a low-key way to have a wedding.  I came away thinking the same thing I've always thought, which is there is no wrong way to have a wedding.  And I think that's the heart of the APW philosophy, so I wanted to showcase some of the big differences between a more traditional wedding and what we did.

L. got ready at the house, which was great because everything that we needed was there.  I talked about this before, but getting ready at the house definitely has it's advantages.  And disadvantages.  We'll talk about the cat later.

Things happen when a wedding is approaching.  Things rip.  They break  You need safety pins, hairspray, bobby pins, scissors, a vase for flowers.  All these things can be put in your emergency kit, but if you're like me and leave at at the hotel, you're SOL.  As long as your house itself doesn't stress you out, getting ready at home is pretty relaxing.  It also meant that there was plenty of room to spread out and hang out on the couch while we were waiting - because I will say, the child-size chairs in our getting ready room were a pretty big disadvantage.  We also had a pretty sweet food spread going on for constant all-day snacking.

The ladies from the hair salon came to the house, and were still really reasonably priced.  When I priced hair-at-home, it was insanely expensive, but these ladies charged pretty standard salon prices ($65-ish for an updo, $20 for a blow-out) compared to what I had found.  
I didn't used to be a fan of the wrap-around towel dresses, but L. got them all for us and they were SO cute, and they make fantastic summer bathrobes.  I've been wearing mine every day since the wedding.  This is something we couldn't have worn at a salon or venue (I had wanted to get my girls matching green zip-up hoodies) if we had gotten ready there, but they were super fun.  

Wait, whose that doing L.'s makeup? Oh yeah! It's our photographer, Kiersten Rowland of Prema Photographic.  She's one of L.'s very best friends, and it was so nice to get to spend time with her.  There is really something amazing about hiring somebody to capture your wedding when they are also a part of your life, so I feel really lucky that we get to see Kiersten so much.  

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