Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Do I need to say it?

Today is National Coming Out Day.  You may have missed it, but we here at Wedding for Two are proud allies of LGBT persons and the movement for marriage equality.  Here in Maryland, I have recently had the pleasure of getting involved with a fantastic organization, called the Free State Legal Project, which works to provide LGBT persons with legal assistance.  You should give them some money, if you are feeling like donating to making the lives of LGBT people who Maryland totally betrayed by not passing same-sex marriage a little bit easier and better until we can actually pass same-sex marriage.

So.  To our LGBT readership and all the other allies, I raise a glass to you today, and say, today, we declare ourselves allies, and tomorrow, we fight!  For injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere and as married people, we owe it to everyone to strengthen the institution of marriage by extending it to all who want to take a part.

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