Friday, October 21, 2011

A good weekend for weddings!

Two big weddings this weekend!  Sarah, who has a love story that makes you want to cry with happiness and a way of writing about the hard things that makes me feel optimistic, and Melissa, who is actually a real-life friend of mine.  Well, it's weird.  We met on the internet first.  But she lives a mile away and we have a very good mutual friend and we're going to take over the world.  So we're totally real-life friends.  It'll be awesome.
Melissa and I, at the House of Delegates, working to pass same-sex marriage.

Have such great weekends, both of you, and anybody else getting married this weekend!

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  1. oh wow, how have I never seen this picture before? That was a long night! Let's do it again in 2012?

    Thanks for the well wishes (and the table number stands!) See you on the other side.