Thursday, December 8, 2011

The New Blog

Our domain name expired recently, and so, instead of renewing it, I think we'll be changing the name/direction of the blog.  I'm pretty much done writing about weddings.  They still excite and interest me, but I feel that I have very little left to say on the subject that you couldn't find in the archives, which, as part of the redesign and renaming, I will probably get around to organizing better.

I want to keep writing, and as several of you have expressed that you would like it if I kept writing, I would like to know what you want me to keep writing about.  If you want Mark to keep writing, I think you'll need to start a petition or something, he's a really terrible blogger.  But he does the laundry, so I really can't complain.

I will continue Monday Marriage Matters, and then I would like to write 1-2 more posts during the week about...something.  I want to talk about married life, and nesting, and other things, but not in the "home decor and throw pillows" way, more like in the "creating an intentional home that represents who we are and is a pleasant place to spend time".  I want to talk about crafting, not necessarily in the making tutorials and sharing all my craft projects, but instead, in the "oh my goodness I'm a busy professional and however will I fit in enough time to do the things I want to do instead of just the things I have to do?"  And most importantly, I want to talk about these things with you guys, not at you guys.  Which means installing a plug in so we can have conversations, but also, talking about things you want to talk about.  So please!  Come on over, answer the poll in the left hand corner, or comment, and tell me what you want to talk about.  And please suggest a name for the new blog!


  1. Ellie - I don't know much about this blog business, but I hope your archive remains available, even if the domain shifts. I've found your crafting process and reflections on how to create a day that reflected you and Mark to be really useful. I'd hate to have that wisdom disappear!

    Also, good luck as you migrate the content. You do have an interesting and engaging voice.

  2. First, why did I not have you on my reader!

    Second, I second another Ellie and beg you to make your archive available.

    Third, I'm really curious about this conversation plug in that you speak of. Maybe an ongoing (I would make it's frequency depend on how often you find something good) series of conversations about good articles you find online that strike your fancy. We've sort of done it a couple of times over at Oversized Cliches. (Zan if you see this you should do more. I love them.)

    You've always got an interesting take on Twitter. I'm excited to see how your new blog evolves. Cheers.
    As far as crafts go I'd be interested in how one includes crafts in your home so they don't just look like "crafts" but like they were "crafted FOR" your home. (This desire is probably why I'm really slow at furnishing my house and am currently upset it doesn't feel SUPER cozy.)

  3. Yes! Of course the archive will be available. What we are doing right now is using the domain name to mask the blogspot URL, we would continue doing this but change the domain name and the blog name, but the URL will technically remain This way, all of our subscribers, etc. would be automatically subscribed to the new blog as well, and we won't lose anybody the way we might if we migrated the blog.

    Beth, our house also fails at feeling super cozy - it's really big, and our furniture sucks, so we are trying to figure out how to make it ours. So far, crafts for our home have involved things like repainting bookshelves to match other bookshelves and make a space feel cohesive, and putting things on the wall - large scale art, pictures, fabric using starch, vinyl wall quotes. It's really hard to navigate how to make your house feel like your home when you don't have the option of spending a lot of time and money on it.

  4. I am utter crap with blog names, but I am very excited about the new blog! I would love to see some "personality-infused living on a budget"-type posts. My bargain finds are always so boring and sterile, but you're awesome at finding outlet fashion and crafting homey things.