Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Marriage Matters: Dwelling in Possibility

Sara of $2000 Wedding is often talking about Dwelling in Possibility on her personal blog.  And while I'm personally not a fan of sharing all of my hopes and dreams and goals on the internet, I am okay with sharing it with my husband.  Because part of being married is that whole "two people facing the world" thing.  Or as Meg calls it, ambition squared.

So this weekend we went out to Deep Creek Lake with a number of friends.  Our rental cabin happened to be for sale, for a mere $430,000.  This spurred much discussion over the weekend about how we should really buy a vacation home.  Possibly before we buy a real home.  It led to frequent comments like, "how amazing would it be to celebrate Christmas out here?" or "we could have your parents come stay!" It led to much nudging on our run (he slowed down for the last mile so he could nudge me) of houses with nice porches and lakefront views.  It led to a discussion of where else we could possibly get a vacation home, and what did we really need in a vacation home, and how much of a hassle would it be to rent it out when we weren't using it?

All of this is to say that we are home now, and although I did spend a bit of time researching vacation homes before getting discouraged (how does one buy a vacation home?), we have for now abandoned the search for a vacation home and are instead plotting camping trips for this summer.  Which is a different kind of dwelling in possibility, and quite possibly much closer to dwelling in reality.

All of this is to say that dwelling in possibility has value.  I think it's important to have dreams as a person, and as a couple.  I think that where we dwell in possibility is a reflection of our values as a couple, or as people.  I think, for example, dreaming of a vacation cabin means dreaming of both having a place to go together to spend time with each other or our family and our friends, and also means that for our future, we value the kind of work-life balance that allows us to enjoy that.  I think regardless of whether the things we joke about while stretched out in front of the fire at a vacation cabin ever actually come true, having dreams and giving voice to them will bring us closer to them in the future.

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  1. We're looking forward to dreaming and possible-ing this weekend over some margaritas.

    It's a beautiful thing.