Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Blog!

So, in the spirit of 2012 being here, we've rolled out the "new blog".  So the blog name and the header has changed, and everything else is the same.  I originally wanted to call the blog "Tea for Two" but the URL wasn't available, so Wedding for Two it was.  Our wedding planning archives are still here, and the wedding planning tags will stay in the right hand corner.

In taking into account the survey responses, we/I will continue writing about marriage, and begin to write about being an adult and about feminism and social issues, with a little bit here and there on crafting and nesting.  I've decided I'm also going to do book reviews, because a number of people have been asking on Twitter recently for book ideas, and I always like it when bloggers share what they are reading.  If you don't read, you can skip 'em.

So welcome to 2012!  Stick around.  It'll be fun.


  1. Very excited for your new blog!

  2. Yay! I love the header so much! Tea for two is the best kind of tea.