Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Traditions

My favorite celebration of Valentine's day is done by my friend C., who celebrates a holiday she and her husband call "ass day" in which you try to get ass from the person you love by buying them half-price chocolate. 

I'm bearing with whatever awkward comment my dad is going to make because I wanted to share that delightful holiday with those of you who dislike Valentine's day. In our household, we not only celebrate Valentine's day, we make a two-day celebration out of it.

We celebrate Valentine's day in part because we never ever remembered our anniversary while dating.  (That's a lie. I made a really big deal out of our 4th anniversary.  Which was weird.  We went to a movie and got Chinese food.  I believe I made it clear that we are not big spenders.)  So Valentine's day was a good excuse to be together and have fun. 

We always do the same thing, which is that we go out to dinner, but we go out either the day before or the day after, and on the day of, we stay in and make a ridiculously elaborate meal that normally we would never undertake on a weeknight.  Tonight is tapas!  We actually do this for Christmas Eve and our anniversary as well, because we enjoy cooking together, pushing ourselves to try or do something new, and generally feel superior for not buying into the commercial holiday, as we do not purchase flowers or chocolates for each other.  Gifts are optional, but always appreciated. 

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?


  1. I love making ridiculously elaborate meals for special occasions. That's sort of what we do for birthdays: the person whose bday it is gets to request ANY dinner, no matter how elaborate and the other person tries to accommodate. Dessert is a surprise, but it has to be decadent.

    We've always had fun celebrating Valentine's Day, even if it's in a low-key way. This year we're going a little more "all out," to celebrate having 2 incomes (or um, maybe more like 1.5? ;)). I'm taking B to a fondue restaurant with several courses and he's taking me to some kind of play/concert/event (don't know what yet). We're doing stuff this weekend since we both had to work Tuesday.

  2. That is AMAZING.

    We absolutely don't celebrate, mostly because it's our one attempt to be rebels. And because commercialized love makes me nauseous.

  3. I bought the MOB pineapple earrings and sang the song about a "pineapple from me to you" from Cabaret.