Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Marriage Matters: Support

So you know what I did over the weekend?
I ran my first marathon!  Myself and my friend Sara laced up our sneakers to complete a journey that we started four years ago when we began running together.  We were joined by three other friends - two veteran marathoners and one other newbie - and we all crossed the finish line in under 5 hours (since I brought up the rear at 4:48, I can say that without sarcasm.)  

On Saturday morning, my husband walked me and my stuff out to Sara's parent's minivan, which they had rented for the weekend to drive the rest of us around (they were seriously awesome.)  Three hours later, he drove to my sister's house and her, her husband, and my husband loaded themselves up with a ridiculous amount of gummi bears, pretzels, and funny marathon signs and drove themselves down to Virginia Beach, where they sat in the sun for five hours and watched for the five seconds I went by in each direction.  (My sister, being extra awesome, actually ran the last mile of the marathon with me while I alternated between saying, "omg, everything hurts so badly" and saying, "so do you think you'll do a marathon? it's not that bad.")  And while I'm not entirely sure that I would have gotten through the race at all without the support of my friends, who got me to the starting line and through the first half of the race, and my sister, who literally got me to the finish line, I also know that I couldn't have made it through without the support of my husband.  
(I'm so happy to see him!)
My husband, who put up with my long runs that took up most of my day on Saturdays or Sundays and then left me hungry, physically destroyed, and mentally incompetent for the remainder of the day.  My husband, who recognized that my expensive running habit was important even when we had limited income.  Who asked me how my long runs went, expressed sympathy when they were bad, and cheered when they were good.  Who didn't complain when I gave up alcohol for the month before the race or refused to stay out or up late before long runs.  Who rubbed my feet and helped me wrap my knee and did all of my laundry after long runs.  So thank you honey, I could never have done this without you!  


  1. Wow, congratulations -- what an accomplishment! And many points to your husband for being such a fabulous supporter. For a minute I thought maybe you had run the marathon I was cheering on in DC this weekend (my friend's first as well) - it was a lot of fun cheering on everyone who passed as we waited for her to run by too!

  2. Congratulations - and a great time!

    I have my first in under four weeks. Going to be considerably slower than that, but my goal is to finish. I did 23 miles on Saturday, so I'm hoping that means I can get there! If only I could stop crying every time I reach mile 17...

    My husband has also been fantastic during my training. It has meant that he has had some proper alone time with Barnaby, too, which is lovely. Oh, except for this weekend when he was at a bachelor party!