Friday, April 6, 2012

Feminism Friday: Round Up!

There has been some interesting discussion of feminism in the blogosphere this week.  I missed a lot of it because I had four hearings this week and despite the fact I spent at least five hours sitting in a courtroom waiting for my case to be called, you aren't allowed to check Twitter on your phone, so I'm trying to catch up. 

Liz, over at Happy Sighs, seems to have lit the fire under everybody.  Here she is talking about why we still need Feminism, and here she is talking about being totally broke in her marriage, which somehow led to a discussion of women opting out of the workforce in the comments. Which led to a discussion of what feminism means.  Which led to a discussion of whether Sarah Palin is a feminist, which I checked into long enough on Twitter to point out that feminists do not make women pay for their own rape kits, end of question. 

My friend Renee posted this link to an article about why men should be willing to split the check or allow women to pay for dinner if they request to.  I will just say, I never really dated but I had this experience a lot.  I never liked having men pay for me.  I made it pretty clear to my husband early on, and usually we alternated who picked up the check. I grew up hearing the guys at my high school say, "if the guy pays for dinner, the girl should at least kiss him goodnight."  So I never liked the connotations of letting men pay.  But I also don't like being disrespected, and not respecting my desire to pay for my half of my meal, or even just saying, "you get the next one" is annoying. 

If you haven't yet seen the Doonesbury strips on Trans-Vaginal Ultrasounds, you should check them out

Apparently pregnant women are very similar to cows and pigs.  I wonder if the Representative who made those comments gave any thoughts to castration. 

If you are looking for a feminist children's book this Easter, or perhaps just a really really cute kid's book about bunnies, I highly recommend the Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

And for some truly light fare, Texts from Hilary.  

I know I missed a bunch. I know some people wrote posts in response to APW and I know more elected officials did more horrific things to women, so please post links here to stuff you think I, or everybody else, should read!

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  1. I don't think I have a long enough fuse to read a discussion on Sarah Palin's feminism... *shudder*. I'll just say that even my dear old Dad said recently "I just don't understand how any woman would be anything but pro-choice. Unless they're those mean types who just hate other women and want to punish them".

    Speaking of mean girls...

    I can't decide if Jezebel have over-feministed it. Do you think the world would have laughed quite so hard at an average-looking man who bragged about all the tail he was getting and how he just couldn't find friends? I kind of feel like they would.