Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Marriage Matters: No Regrets

So it's April, which means that I can barely remember what my New Year's Resolutions were, but I remember that our resolution was "no regrets" - that is, to really enjoy this year, and also to do all those responsible things that we've always said, "wouldn't it be nice if we were the kind of people that did that?"

On Friday night, I went out for girl's night with a few friends, and one of them commented to me that it's cool how my husband and I actually go out and do stuff.  And I thought about it, and then explained that it is probably because we spent so much of last year living on essentially a single income, and looking at all the fun stuff we could do, and thinking, "gee, when we have money, let's do that!"  Which is partly true - since we've both had full time, salaried jobs, we have gone out for happy hour, dinner, gone to a concert, etc.  Which is a big part of "no regrets" - I don't think we've had a single weekend where we said, "man, we didn't do anything".  We've had a few quiet Friday or Saturday nights, but they are pretty far between - we've been more overbooked than hurting for plans, so that contributes a lot to not feeling like we've been wasting our weekends.

We've also been spending more money - which is part of no regrets - not that we are spending stupidly or we bought a life-size storm trooper to hang out in our living room.  But we finally bought a couch, which we've been talking about for nearly two years.  Mark bought a new bike and it, and mine, needed to be tricked out for biking to work - so we finally got to do what we always talk about, which is put our money where our mouth is.  We went to locally owned bike shops and purchased products and made friends with the salespeople and got their advice about several things - which is how we've been wanting to shop, but generally feeling like we couldn't afford.

The thing that has definitely fallen by the wayside is our house - so we've been better lately about guarding some time on the weekend to make sure that we can get things done.  However, we've made some real progress looking at things like our cabinets and figuring out what how to organize everything better, which is great.  We will also be celebrating the holiday of "spring cleaning" this week and next, in which we thoroughly clean the house so that it is at least clean under all of the clutter.

How are you doing on your new year's resolutions?

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