Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Marriage Matters: Apart, Continued

So as part of my husband being gone for work for the indefinite future, we knew he would miss my very good friend's wedding (at Cylburn Arboretum...if you are in Baltimore planning a wedding, please get married there - it is AMAZING.)  We were both bummed about this, because, firstly, it's good friends, and the wedding was going to be awesome.  I didn't even realize that the other bumming out part of this was that we had ordered the veggie and fish meals and were planning to share, and that did not happen.

Anyway, the great thing about this wedding was that several of my lady friends had been invited without their boyfriends (since the bride and groom had never met said boyfriends, it made sense), so the three of us had a great time.  Another friend's boyfriend left early, which meant that she and I got to boogie down on the dance floor for the rest of the night.  For us, weddings generally mean that I hang out on the dance floor and my husband hangs out at the table with other people that don't dance, but I think at this one, he would have been out at least half the time, since the music was good and the crowd was hoppin'.

I did notice there are a few things that are difficult about not having a date.  My friend who was in the wedding was staying with me, and her boyfriend and I went over early to set up.  It was fine with two of us, but if my husband had been there, he would have been able to do some of the running around as well, and he's much taller and would have done a better job decorating the arch.  I also forgot my camera in the car for the ceremony, which isn't a big deal, but it would have been great to send him back to the car for it while I put on my friend's veil.

The hardest part was definitely cocktail hour.  I didn't realize how much cocktail hour is a team sport, because I haven't been to a wedding alone since I reached drinking age.  It's so nice to have somebody get you a drink while you get food, etc.  I was also really bummed because they ran out of the lemon pound cake and I misjudged the way the cake was being served so I went to the bathroom and they gave it to our table, and then I had to hunt down the caterers and ask for more cake and they only had the red velvet left, which was good, but no lemon pound cake.  If there were two of us, my husband would have known to score me a piece of the lemon pound cake, and would have shared his until I got mine.

I will say, going to this wedding alone made me much more comfortable with the idea of going to a wedding alone - as long as you know people, I think it's still fun, although weddings are deeply romantic and much more fun with a date that you are hopelessly in love with.  Have you been to a wedding alone lately? Any strategies for cake grabbing and cocktail hour?

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  1. I've only ever been to weddings alone. I'm going to one alone this fall (and one with C next weekend) and I know several people but not in a besties sort of way, so I'm hoping there will be other people there willing to hang.