Friday, July 6, 2012

Household: Guest Bathroom Decor

This is our guest bathroom.
It's also the laundry room.
I realized the other day that I hate cleaning it for parties because it never looks nice. I would like to fancy it up a bit and make it bright and inviting. I think the landlord would let me paint it a subtle color - possibly a pale grey - its a heinous beige color right now, but that is a lot of work.
I think a valance over the window here would be nice - there is a curtain rod that runs the length of the room already in place, but I don't know what colors would look good.  I also wonder if putting a matching curtain over the washer/dryer would help or make the room look smaller. 

So I'm soliciting suggestions for decor and possible color schemes that work with ugly beige, as well as ideas for artwork to hang next to the sink to cover up the weird panel that is there.
Another question is whether we should frame the mirror or just replace it with something less industrial. Any thoughts?
The room is also quite short - both of those doors are about 5'10" or so, and the room itself is about 7 feet high - which feels tiny compared to the giant ceilings we have in the rest of the house.  The acrylic shelves are ours, and can be moved around or replaced, we just already owned them, and I think I would like to (sadly) replace the octopus soap dispenser.  Any suggestions for something fun and grownup? 

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  1. I think you could add an accent wall for less work than repainting completely...or repaint + accent wall. I haaaaate to suggest this because well you'll see...but accent walls of wallpaper seem to be very in right now... But maybe a stencil or something on the accent wall would give the same effect.

    I would also say maybe a bigger mirror? Or else perhaps use some of those ikea small fun wall mirrors on the wall with a window as "art" that would make the room feel bigger?

    I would say a valence would look good, but a curtain over the washer/dryer would make the space look sort of crowded.

    Anyway, just some ideas :-)