Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Marriage Matters: Friendly Competiton

My husband and I both realized recently that we were not running as much as we would like to.  So I proposed a friendly wager - I know a lot of couples make bets to encourage each other to exercise, and I thought maybe it would work for us.  We track our mileage already using DailyMile, so we set up a challenge.  The only tricky part was what to wager.  We discussed wagering a week of meal planning and cooking, but we both know that I'm going to end up doing a lot of the cooking and meal planning.

So we finally decided to wager the chores that we don't do - the ones that fall to the wayside in our usual "dishes/laundry/move shoes upstairs" cycle of cleaning.  Changing the sheets, vacuuming, scrubbing the bathtub all happen much less frequently than we would like.  So each week is a different hated chore, and if you don't hit 10 miles, you have to do it.  We haven't yet had a loser, since if both of us put in more than 10 miles a week, we both win, but so far we both have split the hated chore, instead of not doing it, so we're in better shape and our house is cleaner.

In the future, we might come up with a tie-breaker, to force a loser, but right now it's fun to feel like both of us are sort of competing, sort of cheering each other on to meet our mileage goal.  I want both of us to be in shape and meeting our own personal fitness goals, and I also want both of us to develop and reinforce healthy habits now.  Our garden plot is also a mile away, so running once or twice a week helps make sure we are watering it.

Do you make bets with your significant other?  Do you compete to force yourselves to get in shape or eat healthier?  What websites or apps do you find useful for that? I know a lot of people use Daily Burn and Fitocracy, but what else is out there?


  1. We used to make bets about flossing, though we haven't done that in a long time... :-/ We would wager some amount of our personal allowance at the end of, say, a 3 month period. Whoever missed the least won! I can't wait to hear these ideas about ways to do it fitness-style.

  2. We make bets about really ridiculous things, but I love the idea of using them for the powers of good (or, you know. Exercise). I think we may try it soon. For us though, the bet is usually the opposite of yours - the winner gets a back rub or to pick where we go for date night that week, rather than the loser having to do something they don't want to do.