Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wedding Blog Suggestions

My friend Brit asked awhile ago how I found other people who were getting married at the same time to read about on their blogs.  I too found it frustrating that many people got married before me and their blogs became really boring and about married life and babies and housepainting and their dogs.  (Er. Sorry.  In my defense, I don't have babies or dogs.)  So I thought I'd share for all the readers who find their way here and are bummed that this blog has gotten, as my sister said, "really boring."

The best place to go for a rotating blog of people getting married is still Weddingbee.  Sure, sometimes there is total wedding crazyness - like, wtf is with the obsession with hand canceling envelopes?  I just tossed mine in the mailbox at the end of the street and they all made it to their recipients.  The Wedding Related Boards are also a good place to find blogs - I highly recommend going to your month board and asking other brides getting married around then to share their blogs.

Usually I send everybody to APW to get a much-needed dose of sanity as well, although I started reading it before Meg got married and I found it a little more helpful then.  I also found the wedding graduates much more helpful after my wedding, to sort through the feelings I had in the aftermath, than beforehand, so I'm reluctant to recommend it as much these days, but I just gave my newly engaged friend the book - and while I haven't finished the book yet, I'm guessing reading the book is as helpful as reading the blog used to be (or you could just go there and read from the beginning.)  I'm also super excited about 2000 Dollar Wedding's book, and a paw through her archives is also valuable.

One of my favorite new blogs, written by an old married lady who got hitched about a month or so after we did (right?) is Anna and the Ring's Far From the Wedding Crowd, as well as the lovely Any Other Woman, formerly Any Other Wedding, which is still somewhat wedding heavy.  And if you're just looking for a whole lotta pretty to make you feel a bit inadequate?  Well, Style Me Pretty is your friend.  It's hard, because there aren't that many wedding blogs that balance the pretty and the heavy stuff about getting married.

The rest of my blog friends I found from some of the bigger wedding blogs and their blogrolls.  Souris Mariage had an excellent one, although I think many of those ladies are long married.  So perhaps some of my engaged readers can help other engaged readers out?  Where do you go for inspiration, where do you go for sanity, where do you go for DIY and craftyness, where do you go for support?


  1. 1) I'm famous!
    2) I have APW's book and it is my BIBLE. Thank you do much for turning me on to meg Keene and her (and the APW staff's) brilliance. I recommend APW to everyone, especially now that the blog is more about navigating life as a woman in a relationship
    3) thanks for the recommendations! I will definitely check out those sources because I have not been very successful on my own

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