Friday, September 7, 2012

Hawaii 5-ho

So back in July, we booked a trip to Hawaii.  And suddenly, it's upon us.  We leave next week, and I need your help!  We are going to the Big Island.  Right now we are planning on five days of diving, then two days at Volcanoes Park.  We have several guidebooks, including that blue one that everyone recommends, and a ton of diving guides.  So what could I possibly need?
First up, I need book suggestions!  And iPad games that are good for two players, without internet.  And iPad games that are good for one player, without internet.  And does anyone know if I can rip all my West Wing DVDs and put them on my iPad and how I do that?
Secondly, we need dining suggestions.  The jetlag will probably work in our favor so that we hit happy hour for dinner after a day of diving, so anywhere that has good specials and will serve me a drink in a pineapple would be a good suggestion, or anywhere with good food. 
Thirdly, we need activity suggestions.  Any particular hiking or biking trails that you might recommend?  Any fun beaches or watersports?  I like equal parts really hard activity and vegging out with drinks in pineapples on my vacations, so all suggestions are welcome. 
Fourthly, I need purse recommendations.  I have a DSLR, but I'm not happy with my camera bags.  (I have four. I only paid for one of them...)  I'm looking for something that fits my camera and possibly my ipad, that is lightwight and not bulky, and has a comfortable neck strap, and that I can get my camera out of easily and quickly.  I have an awesome backpack, but getting my camera out of it is a pain.  I'd like something a little more stylish and soft-sided than a typical camera bag, but not so girly that my husband won't carry it.  I'm looking to spend less than $60.  If I want to spend more, I'll just get the SLR Sloop
Fifthly, I need recipe recommendations!  We have a kitchen in each place we stay.  I remember pineapple being redily avaialble, but Mark doesn't eat it.  (Doesn't mean I won't buy and eat an entire pineapple on my own.)  I'm picturing preparation of a lot of seafood - I think ahi tuna was available pretty cheap, and other fish.  So any favorite recipes that are easy for vacations, higher in salt than anyone should eat normally, or feature fresh tropical fruit?