Monday, April 29, 2013


I haven't written much lately, and it's partly because of this:
I KNOW!  I have a NEPHEW!  He is the BEST THING EVER.  So what little free time I have, I head down to my sister's place and hog the baby for awhile.  They grow up SO FAST.  He can even roll over already!

A few other things are going on around here.  It's gardening season, so we're breaking out our tools and have planted seedlings and are running a few grow lamps indoors until everything is ready to transplant.  I can already taste the fresh tomatoes and herbs and everything else.

We started house hunting.  House hunting is, it turns out, an extremely difficult process which makes you feel all kinds of confusing things.  For example, I look at a lovely two bedroom house and write it off for being too small.  And then I think, "gee, what kind of a person am I that I have so much stuff that a two bedroom is just too small for me already?"  And people say things to you like, "well, as you get older you'll make more money and you'll want a bigger house and nicer stuff."  While that is likely true, I am not sure that I am okay with it being true, and I'm trying to figure out how to fight consumerism and also how to deal with issues like gentrification and public schooling and public transportation, which are all issues to consider if we continue to live in this area.

How are all of you doing?  Is house hunting something you would like to hear about, or does it bore you to tears? (It bores me to tears, so no offense taken if you don't, but now that I'm in the process, I'm more interested in it.)  Any specific issues you have faced with house hunting?

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  1. I'm real estate obsessed and thus love house hunting.

    I'm totally for smaller houses. We had a two bedroom in Idaho that measured in at 930 sq ft and I never want to go bigger. Ever. (We've chosen not to have children so there's that but I think even if we had one, we'd stick with a 2bed/1bath.) Smaller houses really do make you think about what you have and where you'll put it. They're also cozy.

    Tell me all about it. :-)