Thursday, July 11, 2013


I continue to consider the issue of closets in a home.  We've looked at a number of houses with little to no closet storage space in the bedroom.  We've discussed whether it is worth losing wall space or square footage to build out closets.  And we've discussed armoires.  And then I go on the internet and look for magical solutions.  I find things like this.

I do not understand the people for whom putting all of their stuff out in the middle of the room is a not-stressful solution.  Are these people not slobs?

Then I consider the fact that the very first thing I did when we moved into our place is took the doors off my closet.  I'm afraid of boogeymen and I hate sliding doors, so perhaps an open closet solution is not the end of the world.  My closet is also the least disorganized thing in my dressing area.  So the open closet thing...might work.

We actually already own a few sets of Elfa Shelving and one of them has a closet rod.  There are also some appealing options at Ikea.
(source - but all my things on the side would be more shoe racks)

Anyone have a good non-closet closet system?  What do you like about it?  If you don't have a closet, what do you do with your shoes?

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  1. Shush. I like closet doors. I like closing away all of our stuff.

    (Maybe because that's because we have an ugly laundry basket and also used our last closet as a linen closet? I just didn't like how it looked.)

    Forrest, on the other hand, HATES closet doors and they don't have a point to him (other than getting in his way.

    I LOVE getting stuff put away though. Clutter drives me nuts (aaaannnd I currently live in a garage with ALL of our clothes, household goods, gear, tools, etc. so yeah).

    My first answer is less stuff and second answer is, closet or no, everything needs a place. Stacking and empty spaces just don't work.