Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I would love to learn more about home decor so that I can have a house that makes me feel happy.  I don't really know how to do that.  We've bought a few pieces of art and furniture that I love, and we were gifted a few decor items that make me feel thrilled, but I don't know if I want to buy more like them or let them speak for themselves - for example, our dining room tablecloth was a gift from my friend C. It's brightly colored, with a green base, and tons of beautiful flowers but not in an old-lady way.  Do I take the fact that I like it as a marker of my "style" or do I recognize that too many brightly colored printed accessories will overwhelm each other?

Also, my mother has always embraced a philosophy of "matching" that things which look similar or are similar colors "match".  She likes prints.  She thinks solids are boring.  I'm trying to avoid a situation where I've got a living room full of too many kinds of prints in too many shades that don't actually go.

So Pinterest and Houzz to the rescue, right? I mean, it's like weddings.  You go through, you pin stuff so that you like here and there, and then eventually, you develop taste? Not really.


Apparently I like green carpets, brightly printed pillows, and our brown couch.  But I also like the blue carpet. 
And then I remember how much I liked the red and teal color schemes I saw.  And how great teal pillows would look with the exposed brick and our brown sofa.  And then I consider how much money we would be spending on our living room and that OMG I must make the right decision!    

And then, oh yeah, I'm married.  To a guy who doesn't really like bright colors or my taste.  And I'm busy.  We're busy.  We don't have a ton of time to shop for home decor.  Can you buy a living room in a bag the same way you can buy a bed in a bag with matching curtains?  And where do I get that?  

Anyone have any home decor resources that might help us out here?  

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  1. Home goods is a cheap place to get some home decor items...That is where our most recent pillows came from.