Monday, July 1, 2013

House Blogs

As we house hunt, I've been looking for new blogs.  Like a wedding planning blog, but with all of the irreverence and sass about the homebuying process that I used to enjoy from my favorite bloggers.  A number of my favorite bloggers bought a house awhile ago, and a number aren't planning on buying a house, and sadly, even more have stopped writing entirely.  Which is a route I sometimes consider, so I can't blame them.

However, when it comes to housebuying, I've found a few favorite blogs so far:
-Offbeat Home - I love this blog. It's all the weirdness and thinking-outside-the-boxness that I need in a blog.  However, it's mostly a mix of different articles, so it's not necessarily all relevant.
-Young House Love - I just started reading this blog and since they just bought a new house and moved into it, the timing is pretty good for us.  They are more ambitious than we are (installing my own hardwoods? I'd rather work all day doing things I'm good at and pay somebody else to do that, thank you.)
-Apartment Therapy - If you are looking at small space living, this is a great blog.  The problem is, it's totally overwhelming in my reader.
-Another Damn Life - Lyn is really funny and nice, and they are working on the whole house purchasing thing as well.

I would love to find a blog of somebody who is house hunting / living in Baltimore and taking on home decoration/renovation projects.  I'm also looking to figure out more about home decor so that we can decorate things in an affordable and personal way.  Anyone have any blogs to recommend?

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  1. So, this might not be what you're looking for, but my goodness it's bossy and hilarious: